Saturday, 24 January 2015

7 Signs that tell if your cockatiel is sick

Cockatiels are one of the noisiest, liveliest, sweetest and most playful pet birds around. These beautiful exotic creatures form strong bonds with their owners and spend plenty of time entertaining them to their highest capacity each day. Not every bird shows clear signs of sickness but the symptoms shared below might help you figure out if your pet cockatiel is sick.

Refusal to eat at mealtimes
Cockatiels might be picky eaters but once you adjust them to a suitable diet, they feed with gusto so refusal to eat is a clear red danger sign.

Losing feathers
Cockatiels are proud of their plumage and preen themselves constantly to maintain their gorgeous looks. If yours is losing feathers even without getting into fights with other birds, then you need to be concerned. Depressed cockatiels often pull out their feathers themselves out of frustration.

Irregular bowel movements
Keep an eye on the form of the bird droppings because they will indicate any problems associated with bowel movements, food poisoning, etc.

Paranoia and cold attitude
Cockatiels are very affectionate birds, which love to play especially with their owners. If your lively pet suddenly seems frightened and tries to keep its distance from you then it is a stress related problem and you must try to keep it stress free.

Low activity levels
If your cockatiel is not rushing to meet you when you come to see it and has a reduced sound level, then you should be worried that it is not making a racket like normal ones do.

Body movements
Cockatiels are stunning acrobats with a knack for precision landing and balance so if your bird is showing a low quality of acrobatics, then there has to be a medical reason for it.

Head positioning and breathing

Cockatiels are susceptible to a variety of respiratory illnesses so try to check its breathing every other day to ensure that it is regular. If your cockatiel keeps tilting its head at awkward angles with jerky movements it could be a symptom for a breathing problem. 

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